My buddies had the itch to go on an adventure of some sort

While I thought it would be good just to hang out adore we usually do, our buddies wanted to go on some kind of adventure. I asked what everybody was talking about and they were saying how it was boring just fantastic at our place. I thought it was good especially since we usually had plenty of firewood for the fireplace. Whenever we would run out of wood, it wasn’t a complication to go out back and take turns swinging the axe to split up some more wood. Well, everybody said that we should rent a cabin anywhere in the wilderness. I did have to admit, it sounded pretty exciting. So we ended up booking a place and we packed up all our things for an exciting weekend. Both of us were planning on cooking up some mean dinners over the fireplace and we knew it was going to be fantastic. Well, I had no proposal that there would be no Heating and Air Conditioning plan at the cabin that we rented. Both of us thought it would at least be nice to have an oil oil furnace, however they didn’t even have that. There was only a fireplace and a wood burning stove. Before a few of our buddies started complaining about the cold, I told them to get the fire going in the fireplace. Next thing I knew everybody was asking where some matches were or if anybody had a lighter. I didn’t even carry a lighter since I had quit smoking and I didn’t have matches either. Just when we thought we were out of luck, I looked in the car and I found a single spare lighter in our glove box. I was able to get the fire going in the fireplace and everybody was thankful for the heating it gave.

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