Harper noticed water on the floor underneath her indoor unit

Harper was shocked that her father was coming into town.

He’d never come to see her separate from planning in advance.

But, he’d waited until she landed to call her and say she was in town. Harper wasn’t sure what to think as she drove to the airport to pick him up. After a year, she was happy to see her dad however wasn’t sure why he’d made the sudden visit. Harper hoped there was nothing wrong. She decided to address the elephant in the vehicle as she drove to her home. Her dad laughed and said there was nothing wrong with missing her only child. Since she relocated for work, they’d not seen each other, and she knew it was strenuous on her dad. When they got to her house, Harper went to adjust the settings on her smart temperature control. She noticed there was water on the floor underneath the unit. Her dad informed her that there was a sign of a congested drainage pipe that needed to be addressed. Harper didn’t want to wait and got in touch with the AC supplier in the area. Lucky for her, they had an AC company in the section who’d come to inspect her device in an hour. Harper showed the AC company to the indoor unit, and she managed to remove all the algae clogging the drainage pipe. She informed Harper she was lucky to catch the issue early before it made her AC device stop toiling. Harper thanked the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C company for the good work, got her bill, and went back to the house. She was glad to be spending the coming holiday weekend with her dad.

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