Only HVAC professional guarantee their work

The only guarantee we could find was from the HVAC professionals

These days with all the online ordering, I think I’m actually returning far more of what I buy that what I keep. Being able to do so much of my shopping online is such a pleasure. But, there is still no substitute for actually seeing something in a store before you purchase it. Yet times change and we all tend to evolve with it. Same goes for stuff like the HVAC unit. My husband and I inherited a decent HVAC unit on the house we now own. While we would have preferred the latest in residential HVAC, we got heating and cooling equipment that was in decent shape. However, the seller couldn’t produce the HVAC service records that we wanted. So we really don’t know what sort of HVAC maintenance was consistently done prior to us owning the HVAC unit. So when the HVAC technician let us know that we were going to need an HVAC repair, we weren’t all that surprised. The HVAC technician was out doing the air conditioner tune-up when he found the problem. But we had some months before it would become imperative. So we considered going online to get the HVAC repair like we do with so many other goods and services. However, we found out pretty quickly that unlicensed and uncertified HVAC repair came with no guarantee on the work completed. The only guarantee we could find was from the HVAC professionals. All that was left to do was make the appointment with the HVAC company for sure.