New HVAC utility savings actually offset replacement costs

The year my old HVAC unit hit 22 years old was the year I actually started saving for the new HVAC equipment.

I was just sort of going by what I figured was just below the average replacement age for our HVAC unit model. And I wanted to start saving just in case the dang thing just stopped doing any of the heating and cooling that is essential to our home. In other words, I was trying to cover my bases. At the same time, I know how it goes in this house when we try to save money. It starts out pretty well but life eventually happens and our savings efforts wanes. So I figured that I’d just try to be as in front of the HVAC equipment replacement as I could be. Well, I had two years to save and did okay. I didn’t have the full HVAC unit replacement amount but it wasn’t too far off either. So when the HVAC technician gave us the word that we could expect to see big spikes in our heating and cooling costs, I just pulled the trigger. We met with the HVAC contractor and picked out the latest in residential HVAC as well. It got installed and we had to finance just the last bit of the HVAC replacement costs. But once the new HVAC was up and running, the savings in heating and cooling utility costs was so significant. We were saving so much on HVAC utilities that we were able to offset the remaining payments on the HVAC replacement!