Time to prepare the house for Winter Heating, Ventilation, and A/C savings

So I’m generally a pretty quick study.

Living in a region now where the Winter is super cold and legitimately long motivated myself and others to get hip to heating a house rapidly.

However, I got some great help after one of the coldest and most pricey winters of my life. The gas furnace was running all the time last year and I was never warm. I sort of wrote it off to not having actemperatured to the cold. There is for sure some truth to that because no matter where I went, I was constantly cold. Shoot, I even had to slip a space oil furnace under my desk at work I was so cold. At the same time, what I spent heating my apartment was a staggering amount. When I talked about it with some colleagues and neighbors, they told myself and others that my house needed Winter preparation badly. That’s why I took the fall to legitimately take heed of that heating advice. The first thing I did was to upgrade all the weather stripping on all the family rooms of my house. That meant I also upgraded the outdated storm doors. Next, I went to the attic and laid down all sorts of new insulation up there. I also made sure to seal up the perimeter too. Finally, I went all over the outside of my house sealing cracks and around all the windows. I’m for sure ready to reap some severe Heating, Ventilation, and A/C heating savings this year. And I’m hoping the gas furnace can not be under the load it was last year.