The AC processor was covered in debris after the storm

I went to visit my cousins about two summers ago.

I remember asking my mom for permission, and she said yes. We had plans to go camping in the area, and I didn’t want to miss out. One Saturday morning, I got my car packed with everything I’d need for camping. Then I drove a couple of hours to the town where they lived. My aunt was so happy to see me and announced I was just in time to have some lunch. She’d prepared my favorite meal and wanted us to eat before going to the store to get a few things. The lunch was lovely, then my cousins and I got into the car to shop for some camping essentials. On the drive to town, the weather changed. Suddenly, there were dark clouds everywhere, and my aunt called, saying there were reports of a storm brewing. We were to go back home immediately, which we did just before it hit. The rain and winds were so loud and knocked out the power plus the air conditioning. My aunt went ahead and instructed us to take shelter in the basement. About three hours later, the storm died down, and we emerged to assess the damage. There wasn’t much damage, and the lights were on, but the AC unit won’t turn on. We tried to check the circuit breaker, but everything seemed in order. My older cousin went outside, and that’s when she noticed the outdoor HVAC was covered in debris which would hinder airflow into the house. The only way to get the AC working was to call the AC company, who said it would be a couple more hours before an expert got to the house.

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