Planting some shrubs near the outdoor HVAC was a good idea

Zoe and her fiance were finally moving into their new home.

After working for quite some time, they’d pulled together their savings and bought the house.

It was an old build that had been lovingly restored with a lot of modern features. Plus, the property was in the neighborhood Zoe had envisioned raising a family in since she was younger. Her fiance was a great guy and quite successful in his field. Zoe, too, had plenty to bring to the table, and this is why they became the ultimate couple. It felt so good for them to pack up the apartment they’d lived in for two years and unload everything at the house. It had an excellent setting and air conditioning that kept the space comfortable. Zoe and her fiance had requested the AC unit be upgraded before they moved in. The previous owner replaced the old air conditioning, and now they had an outdoor HVAC system that was quite energy-efficient. After a while, they called an AC technician to come and inspect the system. Zoe wanted to know it was still in excellent condition, plus other ways to protect the new unit. The AC technician arrived one afternoon and began his inspection of the air conditioning. They informed Zoe and her fiance that the unit was working efficiently but had to protect the outdoor HVAC unit. It was too exposed, which made it vulnerable to dust and debris. His suggestion was for the couple to plant some shrubs a few inches from the system to offer it maximum protection. Also, this would boost the aesthetics of that part of the outdoors.

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