Owen wasn’t sure how energy efficient the ductless mini-split would be

Owen was taking quite a significant risk moving to the city. His folks had been skeptical about his plans to become a musician. But Owen knew he had to try. His mentor always said it was better to try and fail because you learn what not to do. Owen wasn’t willing to give up on his dream because it might be hard to accomplish them. He planned his move to the city over two years and rented a small studio apartment. Rent was cheap, and it was closer to the transport links in and out of the city. The small apartment wasn’t that bad, but one issue Owen faced was unreliable air conditioning. The building had an extensive HVAC system, but it was constantly breaking down. It took too long for the building manager to call in HVAC experts, so the tenants sought other solutions. Owen spoke to one of his neighbors about the cooling system in the building. The tenant advised Owen to forget about that and invest in a small mini-split AC unit for his apartment. The unit would keep him comfortable no matter the year, was energy efficient, and some came with air purification features. Owen was convinced and began researching the best ductless mini-split he could afford. After placing an order, he hired a local AC expert to come and set it up in the tiny studio apartment. From that day, Owen never went to the building manager to complain about the air conditioning again. The mini-split AC unit kept the apartment cool in summer and warmed all winter, plus it was quite energy-efficient.


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