Getting old

As we get old our bodies change.

And one of the things that change is the temperatures that we prefer.

When we get old we start to feel a bit colder all the time when the rest of the youth and middle aged may be feeling warm. This makes a big difference in the way that we use our central heating and air conditioning systems as well. When my uncle was getting old and reaching his 80’s, his need for air conditioning was very minimal. I remember during the hot summers I never liked going to visit him during those years because he would never have the central air conditioning system on. He would actually sometimes run the central heating system at night when outside it was perfect weather to where you could open up the windows or just not use the central air conditioning. This is an example of what I mean about getting old and how our bodies change. In some cases, but it is very rare, it is the reverse, where a person of elderly age will feel warm all the time and need constant use of the central air conditioning system. It really is hit or miss depending on the person as to which direction it will end up in. But the bottom line here is, that getting old is not great. But we all will have that time come in our lives. We just need to be sure that we have the proper heating or air conditioning for whenever that time hits, and use whichever we need most to achieve the best indoor comfort in those final years of our lives.
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