Uncle Jason was distraught the mini-chop wouldn’t turn on

Uncle Jason had surprised us all when he agreed to relocate from the farm, and our parents were quite distraught about his well-being after he fell ill, he was living in a large farmhouse alone and fell down the stairs, were it not for the neighbors, he’d have died without anyone to help him! The fall had been a wake-up call; For a long time, our mom kept insisting he needed to have people around him.

But our aunt Jason was quite stubborn.

However, he came from the hospital, moved into our house briefly, sold the farm, and bought the home next door. The home had been empty for quite some time and was the best size for him, however instead of getting an A/C method plus upgrades to the air duct, our aunt opted to get a mini-chop A/C which was cheaper. He saw no need for a full a/c replacement, yet he lived alone. The ductless A/C method was sound, and for quite some time, our aunt appreciated his recovery and new home. He prefers tending to his backyard garden, and every one of us did our best to make sure he was comfortable, then last week, Uncle Jason walked into the home looking for our Mom. He informed him that the mini-chop A/C method wouldn’t turn on. He’d tried switching on the Heating and A/C unit with the remote control, but nothing was happening, Mom is a trained Heating and A/C specialist, so he went over to the home to inspect the situation. Mom observed that the unit was good. However, the batteries in the remote control were quite old. They replaced the batteries, and the mini-chop A/C came back to life, much to our aunt’s delight.