Purchase & return

I recently had purchased a portable a/c method for our living room.

The air vents of our central heating & a/c method just do not hit the living room really well while I was in these warm summers we have here, so a portable a/c method is the perfect solution for this problem! It sure beats the other really high-priced solution, which would have been to invest in a zoned heat & A/C equipment (also known as Heating, Ventilation and A/C zone control).

However, when I first purchased the portable a/c method I had a problem with it. It seemed to not turn on when I plugged it in! I maintained all fuses & electrical outlets to make sure it wasn’t something I was overlooking, then but nope, it ended up being that the portable a/c method had a fault anywhere in it. So I had to return it to the store where I purchased it & have them supply me another portable a/c method to try. Returning the initial portable a/c method was not as simple as you may have thought. They absolutely provided me some concerns & were trying to play it off as if I did something to blow it out. However, after I got really irate with the rude client repair person, the manager came over & settled everything & got me our replacement portable A/C… And this one worked great & superb with no concerns, now I sleep much better at night in sheer indoor comfort all thanks to this totally & super awesome portable a/c method equipment that I just purchased for our living room!

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