My doctor sent me to a nutrition lifestyle coach.

When my doctor sent me to a nutrition lifestyle coach, I was excited.

I thought I was going to sit down with the nutrition lifestyle coach and get some information that would help me to not just lose the weight, but to keep it off.

The first thing my nutrition lifestyle coach did was weigh me and take my vitals. She then opened a booklet and gave me my goals for the month. It didn’t take long before I received a 1500 calorie diet with foods I don’t even keep in my kitchen or pantry. After going through the diet and how I should eat, she said they would set up my one-month appointment. I stopped her as she was walking out the door and asked if she didn’t want to know anything about me? She turned and told me she would get all the personal things at our next meeting, and told me to go through the information packet. We would review everything at the next meeting. I tried to make an appointment with the same person, but I ended up with someone new. When I got home, my husband and I went over the entire packet the nutrition lifestyle coach had given me. Half of the packet was pertaining to weight loss surgery, and the rest explained what I would pay and they lay every doctor and appointment out. It really upset me with how all of this was going down. I didn’t want weight loss surgery. I wanted a nutrition lifestyle coach to help me lose the weight and keep it off.

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