Recovering from injury and missing workouts

I recently got hurt quite severely during a home renovation project.

  • I made the mistake of attempting to hang drywall on the ceiling by myself.

I realized that it was stressful on my shoulders and back but was determined to complete the task. I wound up badly straining my trapezius muscle. This injury incapacitated m for a month. For the initial 3 weeks following the injury, I was unable to get off the couch. Just standing up to use the bathroom was a challenge. My back and left arm were incredibly swollen and very sore. I took Aleve every few hours. I iced my back constantly and tried to hold totally still. I’ve never taken such a long time off from working out. My daily routine always includes a full hour of physical exercise. I’m conscientious about stretching, aerobic exercise and weight lifting. At the time when I was injured, I had really gotten into a jump rope workout. I was using a jump rope app on my phone and had increased my stamina to the point of burning approximately over 800 calories during the training sessions. After the injury, once I was able to walk around a little, I immediately began pedaling the stationary bike. I was able to go slowly, without resistance, for about twenty-five minutes. I slowly increased time, distance and pace. I was still aggravated with the limits of the workout. It’s now been about six weeks since I got hurt. I’ve tried jumping rope again. I get so exhausted after just a few minutes and even become lightheaded. I’ve sacrificed stamina, flexibility and strength.Because I’m not at 100%, I can’t even be hard on myself. It’s going to require a long time and patience to get back where I was.

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