Needed commercial cleaning

When I applied for the job, I wasn’t certain I would get it. I saw a post on a Facebook group and thought there was no way this was a good position. Second, I guessed if it was, so many people would apply before me. I didn’t have anything to lose after searching for work for months. I sent in our application and was shocked when I got a call to go for an interview. There were so many people, however the hiring panel managed to cut down the number to 5. All of us came back the next afternoon for more tests, and I got the position. I was so content and had to start work as soon as possible. The supplier’s owner was starting a branch on the other side of the town in a small office building. The supplier owned the building, and on our first day at work, our first assignment was to find a janitor. All of us had to search for an office cleaning supplier to come and transform the space. I was given a small computer with WIFI connection and began searching for janitorial companies near me. Once I had a list of several commercial cleaning services, I called them requesting a quote as soon as possible. The rest of the afternoon was all about arranging our boss’s schedule and learning a few things about him. I heard back from several janitorial companies and chose 1 to start commercial cleaning as soon as possible. The business was situated only a few miles from our building. That was great because the people I was with and I wanted janitors who’d stay in the site, making sure it was spotless all afternoon.


Office cleaning business