Lots of new gym members show up in January

They aren’t sweaty or breathless at the end of a workout

I’ve had a membership at the same gym for the past six years. I’ve seen that every winter there is a steady influx of new people. The gym offers a New Year’s special that entices people to make resolutions to slim down and get fit. They often show up wearing brand new workout clothing and athletic shoes. The majority of them have no idea how to exercise effectively. They neglect to warm up or stretch their muscles before beginning. I would imagine that many of them either hurt themselves or end up super sore. I watch them walk around aimlessly and use the machines incorrectly. They lift or push too much weight. Their form and posture is terrible and they regularly neglect to wipe down the equipment when they’re done. I imagine it becomes discouraging when they don’t see immediate results. However, when I see these people slowly walk on the treadmill or sort of pedal a stationary bike, it’s obvious that they aren’t burning many calories. Then they probably snack on something high in calories when they leave the gym. It’s aggravating to me that I often am forced to wait to use the equipment due to these new members who aren’t truly dedicated to working out. They clog up the group fitness classes, deplete the towels in the locker room and occupy all of the showers. It’s annoying, however I have confidence that at least 90% of these new members will quit by March. They aren’t committed to getting in shape. They aren’t prepared to work hard. They aren’t willing to devote the necessary time and effort. They aren’t sweaty or breathless at the end of a workout. I know the increase of membership fees is profitable for the gym, but I’m always thankful when the gym returns to normal.


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