I like working out on my back deck

Unfortunately, all of the rooms are currently being used

I am lucky to have a large wooden deck constructed at the back of the house. It’s lifted about 12 feet off the ground and provides a great view of the flower gardens, trees surrounding the property and a small pond where I see geese and ducks. There’s lots of space on the deck. It’s a wonderful spot for my workouts. During cooler weather, I hold off until the sun hits the deck in the afternoons before working out. In the heat and humidity of mid-summer, I make sure to workout as early as I can tolerate. I carry my yoga mat, free weights and various sizes of jump ropes out onto the deck. I usually spend an hour exercising. I make sure to thoroughly warm up and stretch. I spend around half an hour on cardio exercise before switching to weight lifting, crunches, squats and lunges. I go through a series of static holds and balance training. Sometimes, I run or skip back and forth to get my heart pumping. I always conclude the hour with a more thorough stretch of my muscles. The only drawback of the deck is that I can’t use it year round. In my area, the winters are especially long and severe. We deal with around four to six feet of snow and the temperature often drops down into the negative digits. The spring and autumn seasons can be chilly, windy and wet. During harsh weather, I am stuck inside. I don’t have enough room for a good indoor workout. I need to be especially careful to not damage something or hurt myself. I would really like to have access to a temperature-controlled home gym. Unfortunately, all of the rooms are currently being used. The basement is much too wet. I’ve been thinking about a gym membership but the closest fitness center is a half hour drive away.
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