Enjoying my jump rope app

There are programs focused on endurance and others built around HIIT

Jumping rope is a big part of my exercise program. For a long while, I stuck with a leather rope with weighted wooden handles. The rope often tangled or knotted. I wore the leather ropes out frequently. A few years ago, my husband gave me a CrossRope system for my birthday. This has been such an improvement for me. The ropes are a variety of weights and include a durable coating that combats coiling and tangling. The handles are equipped with a metal clasp that simplifies switching between ropes. The handles are comfortable in my hand. The variation of weighted ropes hits different muscle groups and changes up the types of workouts. The lighter ropes work on stamina, cardio and agility. The heavier ropes rotate slower and work more on strength, power and coordination. Since switching to this progressive jump rope system, I’ve increased my endurance, muscle tone and abilities. I’ve read that jogging burns approximately 600 calories per hour. In comparison, jumping rope burns over a thousand calories. It’s a full-body workout and gets the heart working and the lungs expanding. Plus, the system offers a free app that I downloaded onto my smartphone. I use that app for tutorials and tracking my workout history. I can easily check my progress and calories burned. It’s super simple to follow the guided workouts. They are fun, strenuous and motivational. There’s a variety of difficulty levels. The training sessions last anywhere from ten minutes to nearly an hour in duration. Some programs stick with styles of jumping while others incorporate push-ups, lunges, squats, burpees, mountain climbers and crunches. There are programs focused on endurance and others built around HIIT. I enjoy having instruction and a guided out workout to follow.

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