Creating a more visible online presence

For many years, my company was successful, especially considering the extreme level of competition. Just recently I noticed a drop in sales. The reports from the SEO department of the company are not positive. As an entrepreneur that has worked in the Heating plus Air Conditioning field for more than twenty-five years, this is stressful. I am fortunate to have a loyal client base who have been with me for years and years. However, there is the potential for new homeowners to utilize our business, and we aren’t reaching. I wasn’t sure why we weren’t getting any new leads. After some dedicated research, I arranged for a consultation with the SEO department. I wanted to hear what their plans were to resolve the problem. I was surprised by how many young faces were seated around the conference table. These new employees offered a fresh perspective and creative ideas that our older team had missed. They all agreed to the plan of hiring out more advanced SEO services. They insisted that our website seemed antiquated and was no longer serving as an asset. Only rarely would new clients search and land on our business. Because we were not optimized for search engines, our brand wasn’t showing up on the first page of Google. It was time to invest in SEO to stay with the trends. We were anxious to focus our efforts on building an online presence. Our strategy was to build a social media presence by way of creative incentives on the most popular platforms. A lot of the terms and methods were unfamiliar to me. I had to research to understand the process and contribute to our company goals. I was aware that we weren’t taking full advantage of the possibilities offered by the internet. When potential customers google heating repair, they then call and hire those companies that show up first. Our company wasn’t showing up at all.


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