Travel plan B leads to HVAC surprise

Throughout my life, I have pretty much always been up to the challenge.

And this past year has taken just about all I could muster in order to navigate with some positivity.

The pandemic was tough on business this year, as it was for many other business owners. But while we had to pay rent on a zone controlled HVAC office space that virtually no one was using, we still got through what was a big challenge. I’m just thankful that I was able to find a decent alternative to air travel. My business requires that I be onsite regularly for our customers. But even with the HEPA filters, I just wasn’t all that interested with getting on a plane. So I had to find a way to do my job from the air conditioning of home and get to where I had to be. That meant loading up the car, cranking the air conditioning and putting some mega miles on my ride. But it worked out and I adapted to being out on the road for weeks at a time. It was weirdly satisfying in a traveling salesman sort of way. While I missed the quality heating and air of home, I did find a hidden gem I knew nothing about. Due to staying in hotels just off the interstate, I found the perfect HVAC unit type that consistently worked reliably and produced wonderful heating and cooling. Can’t say the same thing for the expensive, downtown hotels by the way. Plus, they were convenient, inexpensive and super clean. Add great heating and cooling, that’s a winner.


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