The hammer ended his job.

It was his house, and if he wanted to watch, he would

I had heard that one of the HVAC technicians in our new HVAC company had quite a temper. I couldn’t believe that any reputable company would tolerate the kind of behavior I had been reading about in their reviews. One customer said that she tried to tell him what she had been hearing in the air conditioning unit, and he told her to shut up. He was the expert on HVAC and he could hear the supposed noise for himself if he didn’t have to hear her voice. Another customer said that he rolled his eyes at him and asked who was the HVAC technician? I hoped that when the HVAC company sent a technician to my home, they sent someone other than this guy. I didn’t think my husband was going to be happy if he pulled a stunt like that at my house. When the young man walked into the house, I was fairly sure he wasn’t the HVAC tech that everyone was complaining about.. He was very polite and nicely asked where the furnace was located. My husband showed him to the furnace and started to go down the steps with him, when he turned and told my husband he didn’t need onlookers. My husband didn’t take this well. He said he didn’t care what the HVAC tech needed. It was his house, and if he wanted to watch, he would. The tech picked up a hammer and threw it at the furnace. My husband physically helped him out the door, then called the HVAC company. I don’t think the HVAC tech realized what kind of man my husband was.

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