Super summer savings on HVAC cooling

For many years, I completely dreaded the summer.

When you live where the heat and humidity are near triple digits every single day for at least four months, you come to dread it.

However, the biggest thing I dreaded about the heat was the cost of HVAC cooling. Utility costs in this area are high so having the air conditioning running night and day will add up. But like my attitude about the summer, I changed just how bad the HVAC cooling bill really had to be. It wasn’t all that tough really. I found everything I needed to know when it came to saving on HVAC cooling in just few minutes online. The basics are easy. It starts with keeping the HVAC treated air on the inside and the heat on the outside. That seems fairly elemental but, in practice, it’s another thing entirely. I make sure the weather stripping is tight and in good shape on all doors, windows and sliders. Then, I make sure there aren’t any interior or exterior gaps that would compromise HVAC efficiency. After that it’s really about making sure the direct sunlight is stopped with shades or drapes. Again, keeping the heat energy out is a big deal. But it’s the thermostat setting that has to be the focal point. And good thermostat setting discipline is what really makes or breaks an HVAC summer cooling budget. While I keep our thermostat in the low 80’s during the day to save max money, I still get to have it at a comfortable setting in the 70’s for sleeping. And I don’t have to dread seeing that utility bill every month.

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