My fiance made me handmade furniture.

My kid went to a technical school when she was in private school.

I thought it was just a way to get away from a lot of homework plus resting in boring classes.

I was surprised to find out that she was actually reading a trade that would give him a work when she graduated. When I thought of woodworking, I pictured the cutesy wood burnt carvings you saw outside of houses, or small trinket boxes. I never thought she would be a craftsman of great handmade furniture. During her last year of school, she had to have a project for her final grade. She spent the entire year working on her project, plus she never talked about it. I knew she was working part-time so she could afford to do her project. I had seen some of the handmade projects she had done in the last several years, plus I was impressed. She made a river dining table for our sister, one year. The following year she made an oak rocking chair for her Grandma. The project she was doing this year had to be something amazing. I was sure that she had a future in creating handmade furniture, after she graduated. About a month before graduation, she was coming up-to-date home at night smelling care about wood stains. I asked our fiance what project she was working on, plus she told me it was a surprise that she wanted to show me on her own, however the month before graduation, the parents were invited to a showing of the final projects. I was shocked to see that our kid had made me a handmade curly maple coffee table plus matching rocking chair for our residing room. I embarrassed him when I cried in front of the teacher.


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