Heat pump is a champ for all seasons

The heat pump has been getting the bulk of its work in the past few months. It’s summer in the south so that means lots and lots of heat and humidity. But the heat pump is made for this. Actually, the name of this HVAC equipment says it all. That’s because it truly is a heat pump. The HVAC cooling process starts by this piece of HVAC equipment pumping out heat energy to make room for cooler air to take its place. And it’s not just the HVAC cooling that we rely on with the HVAC cooling process. As the heat pump is moving that heat energy out of the house, it’s taking a bunch of moisture with it. And this allows the humidity levels in the house to balance. There is much more in humidity balance than just comfort. The HVAC cooling process reduces the high humidity and in turn mitigates the environment for mold and mildew growth. That is more than just a comfort issue. That has everything to do with a mold issue as well. But the heat pump is not done there. While for us in this area, the heat pump’s main challenge is cooling the summer temperatures, it’s also great at heating. And when we flip the thermostat over to heating, the heat pump simply reverses the process. It’s now moving heat energy from the ambient outside air into the house. And it can do this to produce heating without supplemental help to temperatures down in the mid 40’s. Where I live, the heat pump doesn’t even have to cycle on all that much to knock the chill out of the house.


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