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Grandpa wasn’t happy with the way they were doing the work.

My grandfather was one of the original HVAC techs in our area. He remembers when air conditioning was kept only for the rich and for businesses. He often talks about how he would go into a rich person’s home and be treated like he was going to steal something, because he wasn’t like them. He used to say the women were the worst. They would back away when he walked into the house. Some of them would put their fingers beneath their noses as if he had a foul odor. This was all because he worked for a living and didn’t have it handed to him by his parents. Now, he sits home all day and waits for the HVAC technician to come to the house and repair his furnace or air conditioning. Last week, he had a team of HVAC techs at the house. He had a colony of honeybees take over the ductwork in the springtime. After the bees were taken out of the ductwork, it had to be cleaned and sanitized. Grandpa wasn’t happy with the way they were doing the work. He went outside and asked what they were doing? They explained the process and the product they used to clean, sanitize, and take care of any cracks or holes that may be in the ductwork. Grandpa stood there for a couple minutes and then he asked if they could use some help. He was really interested in how they were doing their job. It made me wonder if Grandpa didn’t sometimes wish that he could go back to working as a HVAC technician.



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