This is more like speed dating.

I sat outside watching four HVAC techs discussing our new HVAC equipment.

I’m not sure what they were talking about, but none of them seemed to be agreeing. The more the HVAC techs talked, the more they began to move. I felt like I was watching a comedy about speed dating. Everyone on a single side was always moving to talk to different HVAC servicemans. My fiance went outside to find out if there was a problem? I saw them shake their heads and then point at the HVAC unit that was kneeling in our yard. It hadn’t been unwrapped, and nothing had been removed so it could be installed. My fiance looked at the new a/c device and then at our outdated a/c unit. He had an different look on his face as he shook his head and joined the conversation. Then thirds later, he came back into the house and went downstairs. He didn’t say a word when he headed back outside to talk to the HVAC servicemans again. I saw him roll his eyup as he threw his hands up and came back into the house. I finally had the occasion to ask him what was going on outside. He looked at me and had a unusual look on his face. He told me that it took his input to figure out they had delivered the wrong HVAC equipment. Ours was kneeling on the other side of town, where this HVAC unit should be. He started to laugh and told me the two of us were going to need to wait two more days before the two of us had our new HVAC unit installed.


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