The gift from the electric business

My local electric business has been giving out free smart thermostats to all of their long time shoppers, which I am 1 of. I would not have bought a smart thermostat on our own; However, since it was free I was not going to turn it down. I was really curious to give the smart thermostat a try after all the hype I have been hearing about smart thermostats over the last 5 or 6 years. If I didn’t prefer the smart thermostat plus how it operates, I typically figured I could sell it plus then put our old digital thermostat back since our digital thermostat is in pretty nice shape still to this day. However, i have to say that I do not think I will be going back to our old digital thermostat. Because this smart thermostat is absolutely everything all the hype was all about. In its first month alone it saved myself and others tons of currency on our local electric bill. Also, I prefer the plan of being able to control the smart thermostat from anywhere in the world. Not that I would ever want to control our central heating plus air conditioner if I was out of state or out of the country, it is just pretty cool knowing I can! It does come in handy though to turn off our central heating plus air conditioner when I am away from house plus then be able to turn it back on when I am on our way back house from wherever I am at. Could be work, shopping, could even just be visiting a friend.



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