I ordered an air filter for the family room

I used to assume that baking entailed opening up the tube of cookie dough plus slapping it on the pan, once I had so much free time on my hands last year, because COVID put me out of work plus trapped me in my apartment, I decided to try making cookies from scratch, then it was a disaster, but it was such a fun disaster that I wanted to try again.

Over the next few weeks I came to become obsessed with baking, even though I was hobbled by exhausting family room equipment, and the vent hood over the oven didn’t work, so there was literally no ventilation in there, plus when something burned the whole apartment fogged out! Well, basically every time I turned on the oven it fogged out due to all the crud on the bottom, so I needed an exhaust vent or air filter of some kind, amazon had dozens of options for plug in air filters I could use in the family room, but the problem was too several options! All the reviews were the same, plus you guess a lot of them are bought plus paid for by the big Heating as well as Air Conditioning companies, so I went to the badlands of Youtube for some fair reviews.

I spent several hours enjoying a ton of air filter reviews, plus finally landed on one that sounded perfect for my needs. The air filter was also available on Amazon Prime, which meant I showed up on my doorstep the next day, but with better air quality in the family room, I can undoubtedly savor my cooking process.


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