It would have been funny if he hadn’t been so infuriated.

Being an professor at a school where they teach HVAC certification courses, I have seen a lot of things.

Some of our students have no trouble doing the labor and going on to being terrific HVAC servicemans. There are some students that no matter what they do, they just can’t get the hang of the task. I had a single young guy who had me holding our breath in an attempt not to laugh at him. The people I was with and I were in class with some outdated a/c units and oil furnaces that had been deliberately sabotaged. The future HVAC techs had to go to the oil furnace and the a/c device in teams, and find everything that was wrong with the HVAC equipment. One team had every spot that was sabotaged, but it took them nearly an third. Another team quit after an third and they hadn’t found a single a single of the sabotaged parts. Then the sixth team got up to the HVAC equipment. They were hastily figuring out what our team of professors had done to the oil furnace and a/c unit. The funny area came when a single of the team members got overly distraught and dropped his screwdriver into the AC unit. His embarrassment was quite funny, and some of his classmates couldn’t hold back their laughter although I had to. Fortunately for me, when I got home, I was able to laugh at him all I wanted. It was so much fun watching our son flounder when he lost that screwdriver. He’s going to make a enjoyable HVAC serviceman a single day, even though he needs to learn to take his time.