I was looking forward to the interview.

I finally passed our test for HVAC certification.

I felt foolish needing to take the test twice, although I was told that most people did.

Apparently it was normal to get nervous and pull a blank when they got to the test room. Two days after taking the test for the third time, I got our grade. I found out I had aced the test. My next hurdle was to get a task. I had various interviews set up and I was nervous, but ready. I got up early and I ate a fantastic lunch. My wifey wanted me to have something in our stomach so I didn’t get sick, or end up with a headache. I walked out the door, ready for that interview. When I got to the HVAC dealer, I told the receptionist I was there about the open HVAC position. She told me to take a seat and I would be called when it was our turn. I looked in the room where she directed me, and there were numerous of the men I went to university with. My heart fell and I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to sit here for undoubtedly long. When the receptionist came out, she handed each of us a booklet and told us to answer all questions to the best of our ability. I was surprised to see that it was a test almost exactly like that I had to take for our HVAC certification. I hastily answered every question and handed her back the packet. I may not get the task, although I knew I would get a single soon. I was a fantastic HVAC serviceman.


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