I like the afternoons

I ended up taking a different work path than I originally intended when i graduated high school.

The reason for this was because the classes at the school were only at evening, plus I did not want to go to evening school.

I originally wanted to become a certified heating plus air conditioner specialist. But when I looked at all the schools in the area to get our heat plus a/c certification they all turned out to be evening classes. With myself and others having to work in the day there was no way I could go to school at evening plus then come beach beach house plus get right to bed to be up early in the day for work. So I scrapped the idea of becoming a certified heating plus air conditioner specialist plus ended up becoming an electrician instead. They had respected day classes unlike the heating plus air conditioner schools. I wonder why the heat plus a/c schools only had evening classes? It just did not make sense to me! Well, maybe someday if they ever offer day classes for heating plus air conditioner school to get our certification to become a heat plus a/c specialist, I will decide to take them plus have a work change or work section time in electric plus the other half of our work will be in the heating plus air conditioner business. It is something to guess about because I sill have the interest plus drive to want to become a certified heating plus cooling specialist. It is just what I enjoy most plus what our original goals were.


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