There was plenty of time, so why did he hurry?

I’m not sure what the giant deal was, but when the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C tech showed up to service our air conditioning system last week, he seemed to be in a large rush.

Every movement he made was jerky & hasty.

It was like he was on some kind of time limit to get the labor done. I watched him from the window for a while when our husband asked what I was looking at. I pointed to the specialist & told him that I had never seen anyone so much in a hurry, or so nervous. I easily wasn’t sure what was happening. When our partner looked out, he said the child looked a bit manic & went outside to see if everything was okay. He sat down next to the child & started talking to him. I heard him ask how long he had been a Heating, Ventilation, & A/C specialist. I couldn’t hear what his reply was, however I noticed that he was visibly calming down. A couple minutes later, he was laughing with our husband. He came & told me I should relax. This was the first time the Heating, Ventilation, & A/C tech was working by himself. He was uneasy & worried about screwing up. Once our husband talked to him & calmed him down, he did a marvelous task on our a/c unit. I was easily hoping he didn’t start getting uneasy again after our husband came into the house. I easily didn’t want to have our a/c worse than it was before he repaired it. My husband patted our shoulder & told me to relax.

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