I don’t prefer the air

Everyone in city goes to the local tavern on the weekends to relax, hang out, have drinks plus have a good time. However, I do not do this! Not because I am not liked by people or that I am a hermit. It is just that I do not prefer the air quality in there. It is 1 of the only bars in the section that has nor outlawed smoking inside. And I simply just allergic to the smoke plus the air quality as a result of all that cigarette smoke in there. Air quality is important wherever I am at. If the air quality is not great, I will not be there. This is because I have sensitive flu symptoms that have been with myself and others as long as I can remember. I have a whole house air purification system in our own house because of how sensitive I am to air quality plus the allergens in the air. Without the whole house air purification system, I do not think I could even live in the section in which I do. The air quality here is not good, although I have a task that pays well. That is the only reason I stay. But I can only wish that they would ban indoor smoking at that tavern/bar. Because I would care about to be able to like that sometime. The way things are ever decreasing around here, it may happen eventually. I just have to be patent plus wait to see. But in the meantime, at least there are other places that have that smoking ban!



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