The kitchen isn’t sealed and is causing me to lose heat

My wife and I recently found our dream home. We didn’t think we would find our dream home this quick and we were actually surprised that it was the first house we saw. My wife’s best friend is a real estate agent so she has been helping us figure out what kind of house we are looking for. She told me she thought she found the perfect place for us but we were both a little skeptical since we hadn’t seen anything yet. Once we walked into the house we knew it was ours. It was exactly how we imagined our first house to look like and we were so excited to put in an offer. My wife’s best friend, our real estate agent, warned us that the house did have one flaw. She said the kitchen wasn’t sealed properly and it would cause us to lose heat in the winter months. I told Her it didn’t matter to us because we will probably have the HVAC system replaced by then anyway. My wife and I wanted to make sure we had a brand new HVAC system installed in our new house so we didn’t have to worry about things like this. The house we like is a bit older because we like that style better. So we did expect to have to pay for little upgrades like this when purchasing a home. I have a feeling that getting a brand new HVAC system installed will be expensive, but I think it’s worth it in the end to have our dream home. I’m so excited to move into this house with my wife and a little HVAC system setback won’t keep us from being extremely happy and excited about the new house.

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