Dumpster diving

It may sound kind of disgusting, but I am one of those dumpster divers! I don’t do it because I am a bum on the street or anything like that. I do it because you can find so many useful things that people throw away for no reason. In many cases, businesses throw away things just because they can’t sell them or there is a slight defect in them that doesn’t affect the product. Recently I found a perfectly good motor for a central heating and air conditioning system! These motors are not cheap by any means. When someone’s central heating and air conditioning system breaks down and you have to replace a motor, they hit you hard for the cost and installation of it. Since I found this perfectly working heat and a/c motor in the dumpster, I decided that I am going to try to sell it to one of the local heating and air conditioning contractors in the area. Going to a regular heating and air conditioning company to try to sell this would not be the most wise thing because they would not pay top price for it. However an independent heating and air conditioning contractor would. And that’s what I am going to do. I am going to call every single last independent heating and air conditioning contractor in my area and see if any of them are in need of a fully working motor for any of their central heating and cooling systems. And if not for that, if they would be interested just to have the spare part around.

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