The exhaust fan in the laundry room was broken

The laundry room in our house is across the hall from the home office.

The room has a door to the garage plus a door that leads to the rest of the house.

I have 6 teenagers at home plus I am consistently doing laundry. Everyday I work on 3 or 4 loads of clothes so the pile never gets enormous. When the washer plus dryer are running all afternoon, the weather conditions in the laundry room plus the home office is muggy, humid, plus hot. I had an exhaust fan in the laundry room to help with the heat plus the moisture, but it stopped laboring last year plus our hubby never fixed it. I have been hounding him every weekend since summer time started to fix the fan, because it’s really affecting the air quality plus I know the concern is causing the A/C to run more frequently. That won’t be fantastic for our electric bills this summer. I looked up the parts for the exhaust fan online Last yearand I found out that it only cost seventeen bucks for the updatement parts. I begged our hubby to complete the repair or call someone for me. He had plans to go hockeying with some friends, so he called an HVAC repair repair to complete the work. He paid almost $150 for someone else to update the parts on the exhaust fan so he didn’t have to miss his tee time. There might be more complications in this house than the exhaust fan. I do not know home repairs should take a back seat to hockey.


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