Keeping the home Heating and A/C device alive

I am easily upset about the next renter after me

My home Heating and A/C is a hunk of junk… The building owner was easily clear that he would not answer my calls about Heating and A/C related complications… He told me he got the Heating and A/C device freshly inspected. That was a lie, then when I inspected the air filter it was congested with hair, dirt and pet dander, then clearly nobody had inspected the machine, and luckily I am pretty handy with most machinery! I cleaned the inside as best as I could and I am on it with air filter changes. I correctly muck out my condensate drain, lubricate my motor belt and clean off the cooling coil. I realized that the outdoor device was even at an angle. This allows coolant to all pool to 1 side of the device and it won’t cool as effectively; After leaving it out with some blocks, I had way more success. When I observed the burnt hair stink with the oil furnace, I cleaned out the ductwork. I didn’t have any fancy hoses or clean brushes care about a real Heating and A/C dealer, I just did my best with what I had. It worked out pretty well though. The stink is gone. Anytime the Heating and A/C device threatens to quit or doesn’t work up to snuff, I am able to repair it. I am easily upset about the next renter after me. That person won’t think what I do afternoon to afternoon to keep the heating system and A/C running. They won’t think how to keep this old, picky Heating and A/C device ecstatic. They will be without temperature control within a week.



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