The warm air deterred me from eating at the bar

My husbandy went out of neighborhood for work last weekend, and I was forced to spend the weekend alone. I always hang out with our husbandy, so I did not have anyone to call. I decided to go down to the pier for a couple of hours. There was a up-to-date seafood locale that I wanted to try, but my husbandy does not enjoy seafood, so the people I was with and I rarely go to the pier to eat supper. I took an Uber so I could drink a few beers without worrying about getting home. I walked to the end of the first row of shops and I found the seafood eating establishment that our coworker has been raving about. The locale was packed with people and the only seating was at the bar. I wanted a table, although I decided to have a seat next to a couple of kids who looked enjoy they were on a first date. The air in the locale was stagnant and warm, and I did not feel any AC. I asked the bartender for a chilly beer. I surveyed the room and I did not see any AC air vents at all. I started to believe the locale did not have any AC. I drank the budweiser and it was warm before I was done. I decided not to stay and eat. The indoor air pollen levels wasn’t ideal for relaxing and I wanted a restful and peaceful night. I went to another local hangout and honestly saw a couple of gentlemen from work… All of us drank beers for a couple of hours and I had a pretty fun night.

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