The AC isn'tblowing chilly air and Summer just started

AC troubles never occur when the weather is chilly and brisk. They happen when the outdoor un-even temperatures are 95 degrees and the humidity is close to 100%. The AC in our truck stopped working last weekend when I was on our way house from work. It was working fantastic a single minute and blowing hot air the next. I stopped at the gas station to get candy, chips, and chilly Starbucks Coffee pop. I turned off the truck for numerous or 10 minutes. When I turned the truck back on, the AC was blowing hot air. I evaluated the relays and the fuses and I even tried to upgrade the fan motor, nothing solved the problem, so I took the truck to the dealership for a diagnostic check. They perform free AC checks while in the summer, because they want you to pay them hundreds or thoUSAnds of dollars to upgrade the system. I don’t have the currency to upgrade the air compressor which is the reason why our AC isn’tblowing chilly air… For now, I am stuck driving back and forth to toil in a Chevy with no AC. I’m absolutely not looking forward to the rest of the summer. I hope our boss will offer some overtime this month so I can start saving for the repairs. The guy offered overtime last week, although I had plans with our girlfriend. Thinking back, I absolutely should have worked that weekend. I did not know the AC would be a problem at the time, although I should not have given up the opening to make more currency.


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