Flying at night

I am not a immense fan of flying or going on aircrafts at all! However, in the event that I have to take a plane anywhere, I always make sure plus catch what they call “the red eye” to wherever I am going. The reason for this is usually because it will be guaranteed to have less people on the plane for more space. And also, a single of the main reasons I do this is because the central heating plus air conditioner works better when there are not several people on the flight. Heating plus air conditioner on planes during the day or official hours to myself and others has always been lousy; Partly because the air flow is entirely weak. But then you add the weak air flow on top of a packed plane, plus it does not provide much room for the heating or the air conditioner to always circulate around. But when you have a less packed plane, that weak air flow of their weak central heating plus air conditioner that they have can circulate just enough to provide the perfect indoor comfort on that flight. The “red eye” is most appropriate for this. I have never felt bad with taking these after hours night flights to wherever. Never once have I had a complaint about the heating plus air conditioner nor the degree of our indoor comfort. Also because of the minimal amount of people it is quiet, which makes it perfect for sleeping with the comfort of the quality heating or air conditioner that comes out of the little air vents that they usually have on board these planes.

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