The house had a couple of complications

A few years ago, our wifey plus I decided to rent a home for an entire week.

I love surfing plus spending all afternoon at the beach plus both of us work from our home.

We thought it was perfect to rent a beach house, because the people I was with and I still had the choice to work while enjoying all of the activities that the people I was with and I love. We looked at numerous unusual condos plus houses, before the people I was with and I stumbled across the perfect property. My wifey plus I loved the balcony off the bedroom with the lovely view of the ocean. There was room in the driveway for both of our cars plus our boat. The house seemed perfect, other than the fact that it was a little above our price range. We decided to splurge plus the people I was with and I made the reservations Thursday during the week of June… As soon as our wifey plus I arrived, the people I was with and I realized that the online pictures were numerous years old. The house didn’t look as fresh plus new as the online photographs. The paint was peeling outside plus the flooring in the house needed to be replaced. The condition of the house wasn’t the biggest problem. The biggest issue for us was the fact that the house didn’t have Central AC. The ad clearly stated that the house had Central AC. After the people I was with and I moved to the house, the people I was with and I even double-took care of the advertisement. My wifey plus I called the owner of the house plus he tried to argue that the ductless A/C units were the same thing. He would not refund any of our money, even though the people I was with and I were unhappy.


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