The hotel was a eveningmare, but the staff was nice

Just a handful of weeks ago, our wifey and I were on our way home from a long road trip. Every one of us were unquestionably sleepy, so all of us decided to stop at a hotel for the evening. Every one of us were on the interstate and all of us did not want to travel far, so all of us picked a single of the national chains. There was a single lady on duty at the front desk and she looked to be in her early twenties. I provided the girl all of our information including our name, address, telephone number, and license plate number. She provided our wifey and I the key for room 308. My wifey and I gathered a tote from the automobile so all of us could take a shower and all of us took the stairs to the third floor. None of the lights were on in the room a single way open to the door. When all of us turned on the lights, I hastily noticed that the room had not been cleaned. The bed wasn’t made and the powder room had towels on the floor. It absolutely looks prefer someone might have been staying in the room. Every one of us closed the door and walked back down to the front desk. The staff member apologized for the confusion and provided us the key to a unusual room. This room was scrub and empty and the A/C was already running. It was unquestionably cool and comfortable in the room. In fact, it was so freezing that all of us had to adjust the temperature on the A/C before all of us went to sleep. Even in the middle of the evening, the A/C kept getting colder and colder; By day, both of us were cuddled up in the single blanket on the bed.

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