The business was sitting the parking lot when I came outside

I was having a lot of concerns with the gas furnace in our home and I went to the hardware store to find some parts to service the issue, i was certain that the flame sensor was the problem, but I replaced it and I was still having concerns getting the gas furnace to light.

I came out of the hardware store with a tote of supplies and Iwas ready to tackle the complication a third time… The flashy orange writing on the side of a white van caught our eye.

The van belonged to a heating and A/C repair business. The van was sitting there prefer a sizable advertisement for help. I did not guess it would hurt to contact the number on the side of the van to see how much the supplier charged for a concernshooting call… When I told the lady on the PC that I saw their supplier van at the hardware store, I found out that I was talking to the driver of that vehicle, and each heating and A/C repair worker has their individual PC number on the side of the business vehicle. The girl came outside and talked to me for a few hours, and she gave me a couple of free concernshooting tips and she provided me her card just in case I still needed help. I went home determined to service the gas furnace on our own, but I still could not remedy the complication separate from help. I called the girl from the hardware store and busy a service appointment for the next day. It was time for a professional to end our suffering.

heater technician