The hottest day of the year for my tech

I get very confused when people tell me that summer is their favorite season.

I mean, I understand that when you are a child it signifies a long vacation from school.

Perhaps the escape from societal oppression early in life is the thing that sticks with us and skews our perception of summer time for the rest of our existences. That’s the only way that I can understand anybody preferring the hot and humid air that comes with every summer time. If you ask me, the warm season is one of the worst times of the year. You are continually running a strong, powerful indoor air quality control device just to exist. It gets very expensive to rely on your central cooling system every single day and oftentimes you find that your air conditioning device can’t properly manage your indoor air quality anyways. Then, you have all sorts of issues to deal with when your air conditioning unit breaks down or your house is too hot. Recently I had this exact event take place on one of the hottest days of the summer. At least, I thought it was one of the hottest days of the summer… I can’t imagine how our poor heating, cooling, and air quality control technician felt. When the indoor air quality suddenly started getting way too warm I called our heating and cooling repair company. They sent out an HVAC technician right away. Unfortunately, our AC device is located in the direct sun and it was at least a hundred degrees that day. I washed the HVAC tech sweat through his shirt as he worked on our AC. By the end of the appointment, I bet he didn’t like summer time anymore.

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