Handling an AC with burning smells

Alison had a condo on multiple sides of the country, and she had to travel a lot for a task and preferred it that way rather than live in hotels.

One condo belonged to her task, and the other was her forever home.

As a marketer, she crisscrossed the country and loved having multiple locations to kneel her head at night. Last week, she was on the east coast and took some nights off. Alison needed the rest because the task had been tiresome. The first night she slept well in her home, but she woke up to a burning aroma that morning. She was afraid she’d left the stove on, however that wasn’t it. The smell was coming from the heating, ventilation, and A/C unit. As time went by, the burning aroma from the a/c got worse. Since she wasn’t sure of the issue, she shut it down and called an aircon supplier. She had a repair and maintenance contract with them, so a heating, ventilation, and A/C business came to the house. The complication was a congested and dirty air filter that hadn’t been cleaned in a while. After so many weeks, the filter was full of dust and debris, resulting in a burning aroma. The heating, ventilation, and A/C plan was struggling to heat the condo in Wintertime due to poor airflow. The AC components were having a hard time blowing in the air due to an overworked heating, ventilation, and A/C motor. That caused the motor to overheat and produce a burning smell in the house. The aircon professional got to task cleaning the air filter since it was in great condition. Once the cleaning was complete, he had to air dry the a/c filter for some time before putting it back. Every one of us worked on the air conditioner unit, and it didn’t produce any burning aroma. I was glad since I needed the heating component for the next multiple nights before travelling once more.



Heating maintenance