Getting good heating and cooling during our vacations

There are little signs in our lives that we are inching our way back to normal after the last year and dealing with Covid.

Unlike many that I see, I simply couldn’t ignore the threat from the virus and the pandemic.

Both my age and health put me at a high risk for severe infection. So, it was inside the heating and cooling comfort of my home for the year. And unless I left the HVAC for a walk or to go to the grocery store, I was inside the air conditioning. But it turned out to have been worth it as I didn’t get infected and I’m now fully vaccinated. That was such a relief. My wife and I are now sort of incrementally doing some of the things we haven’t done in over a year. For one, we went to a restaurant. I never thought I would enjoy a meal inside an air conditioned restaurant as much as I did. Yet one of our true loves is back on the docket for us. We are traveling again. This is something that we wanted to focus on during our retirement. So the year off spent inside with the heating and cooling equipment running has really gotten us excited about vacations and travel. But we are foregoing air travel for the zone controlled HVAC of our car. And we have found that our best bet when it comes to heating and cooling comfort on the road is rather straight forward. We simply look for the mid tier hotels which have the HVAC units that poke through the wall to the outside.