A little duct tape goes a long way

The good outdated magic of duct tape is unreal.

I didn’t think that a roll of this stuff would really save myself and others a lot of money one afternoon! What I mean by this is that the other week, I was having some air flow concerns with our central heating plus air conditioner method unit.

It turned out that the hose of the central heating plus air conditioner method somehow sprung a leak plus had a hole in it. I could not know this! I was not in the market for a brand modern plus totally modern central heating plus air conditioner system, plus I did not want to spend more than 2 hundred bucks on calling the local heat plus A/C supplier to send out one of their most certified heating plus air conditioner specialists to repair this thing unless it was completely needed. I had took some duct tape as an experiment plus decided to try to tape up plus patch up the small hole in the Heating, Ventilation & A/C hose with it. And what do you know? The central heating plus air conditioner method was working in full effect once again as soon as I patched up the small hole that sprung with that duct tape! The hole wasn’t big or poor enough to require a heating plus cooling professional to come out plus upgrade the entire hose… Now eventually I will have to get that Heating, Ventilation & A/C hose upgraded, but not immediately. The duct tape will hold it together just fine for at least a few weeks so long as there is no big rainstorms.


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