Respiratory troubles all summer

Here I am, sitting in bed plus waiting for the day to end.

  • If you’re anything enjoy me, you have not been having the best time this summer.

To be completely fair, I cannot say that I ever have the best summers. In fact, the season is usually marked by some kind of horrible illness that puts me in bed for a few weeks. I noticed this pattern in our early twenties when our respiratory plan would abruptly take a horrible turn for the worst. I could not understand why I would have such horrible breathing troubles, with continual congestion, cough, plus sneezing. Oftentimes the respiratory infection becomes so bad that I wind up with flu plus flu symptom symptoms for the rest of the season. And for several years I was really baffled about how the summertime led to these horrible respiratory failures. That is, until I lived without any air conditioning system one summer, however suddenly, without the modern cooling plan turning away in the background all the time, I was able to breathe easily. That’s when I noticed that our respiratory distress was directly linked to the amount of air conditioning system I was experiencing. Well, now I feel enjoy I have an explanation for one of our good mysteries… But I don’t feel enjoy I entirely have a solution. Short of replacing our traditional A/C unit with a swamp cooling device, I am trapped here. The cool dry air from our A/C unit just kills our lungs plus nose… however the heat plus humidity will kill the rest of our body.
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