No a single ever told him she stinked

Apparently the girl has never cleaned her heating and cooling system

I can admit, I have been a single of those people who was extremely judgemental towards others before. It has been genuinely challenging for myself and others to keep my thoughts to myself when I have seen people acting in ways that I did not understand. It’s genuinely easy to see somebody who has odd behaviors, odd opinions, and even odd levels of hygiene from you and suppose the worst. However, you have to realize that people simply don’t think what they don’t know. This is what I realized yesterday when I was talking to a single of my stinkiest co-workers and finally realized that nobody had ever mentioned her unpleasant indoor air conditions to him before. For the longest time I have worked with this girl who has the worst bodily stink. It’s strenuous to understand where the stench is coming from with him, because she stinks care about an accumulation of cooking stinks, BO, pet dander, and burnt garbage. Honestly, I have just avoided him as much as possible to avoid her unpleasant air quality. However, the other day the two of us were really having a conversation when I went to adjust to the office thermostat. As I was messing with the dials for the indoor air temperature control devices, my co-worker mentioned that the heating and cooling plan was much more powerful than her own AC unit and gas furnace. The people I was with and I started talking about indoor air conditions control device repair and she seemed completely baffled when I mentioned decreasing the air filter or having a professional duct cleaning. Apparently the girl has never cleaned her heating and cooling system. Apparently she also lives with a lot of roommates and pets. Well, now I suppose bad… I suppose that her body stink was really coming from her Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system.


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