Why heated blankets are a dangerous alternative to central furnaces

I suppose that there will always be a new fad that everyone is abruptly interested in. There will always be something new that people say is nice for our health in some way, shape, or form. It’s up to us to do our own research and decide if it’s genuinely a fit for us individually, and if it’s worth the, usually expensive, investment. I’ve seen lots of fads throughout the years that prey on the convenience that people so desperately desire, even though I suppose that heated blankets are absolutely the worst a single that I’ve seen yet. I understand the appeal of having the convenience of a blanket that heats up with the press of a button, but do every one of us absolutely suppose how safe these are? They haven’t been on the market for that long, and I would do not care for to see someone get hurt due to an electrical problem with the heating feature. The heated feature plugs into an electrical outlet, so you essentially are sleeping with cables on top of you. I suppose this could be absolutely dangerous for anyone, especially since the body prefers to sleep in colder temperatures. I can see how a heated blanket would be helpful in absolutely serious situations, like absolutely low temperatures in a cabin, or if your central furnace went out while I was in a snowstorm. For official everyday heating, I don’t suppose that is a good option. If you are a person who prefers boiling temperatures and coziness, I’d advocate a nice central furnace with regular zone control so that each corner of your home warms up equally.


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