My employers improved our ventilation during the pandemic

Sadly, it was impossible for me to work from my beach house while in COVID-19; my office handles secure files, plus both of us couldn’t risk the potential security breaches associated with remote work, and the two of us asked our IT employer if both of us could use our own computers from beach house to access the secure file server.

That almost pushed him to the brink! So, both of us continued working in the office, but both of us took precautions.

Mask-wearing was required then, but both of us also made a lot of fluctuations to our ventilation process. Since both of us knew that the illness was spread via droplets, both of us figured that keeping a constant airflow would decrease our likelihood of any droplets lingering for too long… Then all of the windows in the office were open while in corporation sixths, plus both of us purchased window fans to create cross breezes! While both of us rarely need to use our air conditioning plan (our region has an unquestionably mild climate), both of us kept the a/c system’s fan running 24/7 (even when both of us weren’t in the office). The two of us set up several box fans around the office, so that the air wouldn’t linger in any locale for too long. The two of us also kept the ventilation fans in the bathrooms running all day. The HEPA filters that both of us obtained worked well, too. The two of us ultimately weren’t sure if the special air filters would pick up COVID droplets, but figured that it was better to be safe than sorry. Before doing all of this, both of us sought advice from our business’s trusted heating plus air conditioning business; they told us that these were all fantastic ideas, even if they weren’t the most efficient in the long run. The two of us figured it was worth the energy cost if it kept us from getting sick. By the time most people began getting vaccinated, none of us had ever had a positive COVID test. I guess our ventilation adjustments worked!

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